Treat and Brighten Nails


  • Treats and visibly brightens the nail’s appearance in just 7 days
  • Proven to treat and prevent nail fungus
  • Available with easy to use brush or pen - no filing is needed
  • Each bottle contains approximately 300 single applications and each Pen approximately 400 single applications.

How to use

  1. Clean the nail and remove nail varnish before each application. No filing of the nail is necessary prior to use. Apply twice daily for the first four weeks of use.
  2. Apply once daily thereafter until the healthy looking nail has replaced the damaged nail. The solution must be applied to the entire surface of the nail including the underside of the front most edge.
  3. Re-cap the bottle or pen tightly after each use.

    Nailner 2 in 1 products can also be used preventatively. Apply Nailner 2 in 1 products once a day to prevent fungal infection of the nails.

Quick Facts

  • DescriptionNailner 2 in 1 Brush or Pen
  • ContainsBrush: 1 x 5ml bottle and application brush. Pen: 1 x 4ml Pen
  • When to useWhen visible improvement is required quickly – treats the infection and brightens the nail in 7 days
  • IngredientsEthyl Lactate, Aqua, Glycerin, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Resacetophenone


How many applications do Nailner 2 in 1 contain?

Nailner Brush contains 5 ml, approx. 300 applications. Nailner Pen contains 4 ml, approx. 400 applications.

What do Nailner 2 in 1 Brush & Pen contain?

Ethyl Lactate, Aqua, Glycerin, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Resacetophenone.

How to know when the pen is empty?

When applying the solution on the nail a thin shiny layer should show before it is absorbed into the nail. One can also try the pen on a piece of paper, if the pen leaves a wet line one the paper there is still solution remaining in the pen.