Fungal nail treatments

Nail fungus can be treated with Over-the-counter solutions. Untreated infection may lead to painful and uncomfortable complications, so make sure you take action quickly!

Treatment will always depend on how fast the new nail grows, and this usually requires 12 weeks. Because of the length of treatment, ease of application is very important. Nailner products provide easy and convenient options through Pen, Brush and Spray formats. It only takes 1-2 minutes a day and you do not need to file the nail before applying.  

Nailner is proven effective against nail fungus. 2in1 solutions have the fastest visible results in the market as they brighten the nail, improving the appearance after just one week.

There are a number of properties that are crucial for the topical treatment of nail fungus, all of which have been tried, tested and proven in Nailner products. 

Nailner is an over-the-counter-treatment with 100% proven results against nail fungus. In clinical studies all patients were cured of nail fungus when using Nailner every day for 12 weeks. 

Nailner uses ingredients that do not damage the nail and can be used for the treatment, as well as prevention, of nail fungus. 

Nailner contains moisturising and brightening ingredients that rapidly improve the nail’s healthy appearance, providing faster visible results than other OTC treatments.


How does Nailner treat nail fungus?

Nailner treats nail fungus through two crucial actions:


  • Total saturation of the nail 

Fungi reside not only on the surface of the nail but throughout the entire structure. Nailner has a strong power to penetrate and saturate the nail thus removing all the fungi living there.  Its active ingredients target not only the surface but also deep within the nail.


  • Lowering pH Levels to kill fungus  

It has been shown that fungi prefer alkaline pH environments. They release agents that break down the keratin and cause the visual damage that is associated with nail infections. Nailner contains lactic acid which lowers pH levels and creates an unfavourable environment for fungi to survive.  (copy products info from current website).