Symptoms of nail fungus

A fungal infection may affect part of the nail, an entire nail, or several nails. Usually a fungal nail infection isn't painful. But without treatment, over time, it can become increasingly uncomfortable or painful to wear shoes, walk or even stand for long periods.

If you notice the presence of white spots or patches on your nail, or if the nail is turning yellow, growing thicker or becoming brittle, it is probable that you have nail fungus.

 Symptoms of Nail Fungus Include:
  • White spots or streaks on the nail surface
  • Yellow discoloured fingernail or toenail
  • Black fingernail or toenail
  • Painful toenails
  • Thickening of toenails
  • Cracked and brittle nails


The symptoms of nail fungus can be treated just as effectively with Nailner. It is important to follow the instructions to obtain best results. Nail fungus may take time to treat because a new nail needs to grow, taking up to 12 months. But by applying Nailner daily, nails can look good again after just 12 weeks. First visible results may even appear after 7 days with Nailner 2in1 formula as it contains ingredient that brgithens the nails to improve appearance.